It's important to take good care of your car, especially where the rubber meets the road. Tires are just like any other part of your vehicle. Every once in a while, they need maintenance and repairs to stay in good condition. If you're in need of tire repair near Ithaca, Elmira, and Binghamton, visit the service center at Maguire Toyota.

Most Common Tire Repairs

There are three main types of tire service that technicians perform. First, there's routine maintenance. This includes rotating your tires, balancing them, checking your air pressure, and inspecting the tread. Second, if you've recently driven over a nail, technicians can usually patch up the hole and repair any leaks. Finally, if a tire is flat, blown out, or just traveled too many miles, it will need to be replaced.

Signs of Tire Trouble

If you walk into your garage one morning and you've got a flat tire or one of your tire blows out while you're on the road, obviously you're going to need to get your tires replaced. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can look for problems before they get to this point. To make sure you schedule tire repairs before it's too late look for some of these signs:

  • Smooth, Worn Down Tread - A tire that's in good condition will have rough, textured tread that can grip the road. Once a tire travels too far, the tread will look shiny and feel smooth.
  • Bulging/Tearing Sidewall - If your tires look like they're ripping or bursting, it may mean that they're losing air, underinflated, or that you've overloaded your vehicle.  
  • Uneven Tread - Getting your tires balanced and rotated is a big part of your routine maintenance. Both jobs are designed to make sure your tread wears evenly.
  • Vibrating Steering Wheel or Seat - Another sign that your tires are off balance is when you feel vibrations coming through the steering wheel or seat.
  • TPMS Light - The Tire Pressure Monitoring System measures the air pressure for all four tires, plus your spare. If any of them are low on air, you'll see a dashboard light that looks like a slightly deflated tire.

When to Get New Tires

Tires can last anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 miles. This broad estimate is because the type of tires you drive on and how you drive both play a big part in how long they last. Usually though, technicians decide to replace tires when the tread is worn down.

If your tread feels smooth, but doesn't look that worn, there are two ways you can figure out whether you need new tires. First, look down into the grooves between your tread. You should see a series of bars running across them. These are the tire's wear bars. If your tread is even with them, you should probably visit a tire center.

One odd but reliable way to check the tread depth is the penny test. Just find a regular old penny, turn it upside down, and try pushing it into the tread. If you can see President Lincoln's full profile, you probably need new tires.

Toyota Tire Center

Schedule service with Maguire Toyota if you need tire repair near Ithaca, Elmira, and Binghamton. Our highly trained technicians can help you find the right set of tires and take care of all your routine maintenance and repairs.

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